Artist of the Month

Name - Unohu

Category - Band

It only takes three great minds in the heart of Bombay to collaborate and revolutionize music like never before – and so the Artist of this Month October is Unohu.

Unohu is a 3 member band that gave alternate rock a new horizon. Their story is like any other, yet to make one a success is a joint effort of synchronized and genius thinking. A year and a half ago Sarthak Karkare (Vocals & Lead Guitar) Shashwat Karkare (Drums Vocals & Keys) and Yohann Coutiho (Bass Guitar) decided to take music to another level. This band chose not to be selective of a genre but experiment largely as they believe music can’t be just one type.

What is truly their story, you ask? Here’s the inside story from Sarthak Shashwat and I began jamming when he was still in school and I had just entered junior college. I met Yohann in college but the band didn't come together till my second year of college. Moreover, we didn't start gigging full throttle till mid 2013. By October however, things took a turn for the best and we were lucky enough to have gotten so many opportunities. We have really come to believe that as a band, we are truly blessed.

They are a self-managed band (Shashwat doubles as the manager) and have worked with the best of the Indie scene. Supported by NH7, their producer Ayan De and various other stalwarts of Bombay have helped them achieve their deserved success. Gigs at Thespo, Blue Frog (The Scene v5 Double Bill Nights, Converse Road to Rubber Tracks Regional Rounds), Bell, Ctrl Alt Del, Kino 108 High Street Phoenix No Cover Charge video (covered Swarathma) and at Ragasthan the last edition of Puma Loves Vinyl- Sound of 2014 HRC Bangalore Mumbai and Arc Asia Pune, opened doors and paved way for more opportunities immense fan-following and popularity and hence their inevitable triumph.

Their originality and uniqueness encapsulated with their brilliant composition made them stand out. This itself lead to their recently released music video for their single Parachute and launched their debut Asunder as well.

To be youth icons and start a band at an age so young takes courage and much more a great deal of balance. Life is pretty hectic for them but having found their passion, they love what they do. We've managed to strike a balance between feeling woeful about college and ecstatic about our music career, says Sarthak, with the utmost hint of sarcasm but that’s just how it is for them. It has been a great experience so far, with it's fair share of ups and downs, thrills and chills, but we're accustomed to it now. We can only feel optimistic about the lives we lead.

Off late, after the release of their EP, theyve taken their venture ahead by printing merchandise for every one of their gigs, designed by their friend, Shannon Fernandes. As a band, they’ve always been pretty restless and believe in making every gig a unique one in itself, thereby giving another twist to their performances, may it be the creation of new merchandise or altering the look of their set, new additions to their set-lists or changing their own music creations; their individuality has made them reach the pinnacles of glory.

Unohu is a band that today has established their stand in the world of music and have many more brighter endeavours coming their way along with a promising future.

Catch all their action on the links given below Music is that one thing that changed it for them, only to change it for you.