Heat was,is and always will be one of the most powerful driving force on the face of the planet.An inexhaustible form of energy,an undefined source or a sinewy it what you want!Heat has its undisguised roots prevailing in every chapter of life.Be it sports,technical,cultural or a literary event...the soaring heat will capture the very essence of Verve2014.
The theme will display a host of refreshing new ideas,an enthralling line of speakers,eye-popping performances and absorbing art forms.So come expecting the unexpected as Verve 2014 will bring out the heat in you!With a multitude of énergique events that has been designed to suit every demographic and excite the passion in you,Verve 2014 invites you to challenge yourself once again.
In its 15th year, Verve has grown tremendously and established a covetous reputation of its own.Heat signifies a start of something new,something big and something powerful.So,let us take Verve to even higher limits through its synergy.Let go the expected!Let us over heat!


Start Date/End Date Venue Categories

Vidyalankar Institute of Technology

14/02/2014 Mumbai Cultural


  • fashion show
  • dance
  • sitcom
  • concerts
  • Celeb performances
  • Robotics
  • Codo-mania
  • Cricket League
  • cage football
  • chess,volleball
  • throwball
  • 3D video mapping
  • duet dance
  • national level talent hunt


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